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The Mammoth vs. The Lounge

Charles and Ray Eames were American Architects and Industrial designers. Married in 1941, they worked together with multiple projects over the years. One Iconic piece is the Lounge Chair – designed in 1956, they based their Inspiration off of the famous English Club Chair and out came the Lounge Chair.

There are a variety of materials that were needed to assemble the Lounge Chair, these include moulded plywood sheets with a walnut veneer on the outer surfaces, this is the main structure for the chair, then there is leather cushioning and finally there is a black powder coated steel base. Eames wanted to use the best materials possible as the chair was no knock off – premium leather and polished aluminium were used on the white model. The choice of materials has enabled the chair to look modern to this day.

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In pre-colonial America, chairs were similarly related to status. Stools and benches were used by people of lower status, and chairs were reserved for those who could afford them. In the nineteenth century, however, chairs became a more common piece in the American household. The Industrial Revolution only furthered this trend, and chairs became considered a necessary piece in the home of every American, no matter the social standing.

Grand Repos ~ Trail of the Classic Lounge Chair

As the Director of B&B Italia is Maxalto range, Antonio Citterio had proven his worth and design mastery. Nevertheless, even the Maestro said, “Developing a new chair for Vitra in the wake of a masterpiece like the Eames Lounge Chair was a unique challenge.” His new masterpiece, the Grand Repos and Repos braves the wake of the traditional classic lounge chair that still holds their immerse popularity, especially the Eames Lounge Chair. One can only imagine the mountain high challenge for Antonio Citteria to develop the classic lounge chair concept further on a new level for Vitra, the brand that manufactures authentic Eames Lounge Chairs, the defacto standard for classic lounge chairs.

Photoshoot – Perfectly restored Eames Lounge Chair

Photoshoot of a restoration project – Eames Lounge Chair

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a fully restored Eames Lounge Chair and it turned out pretty well. Instead of shooting the chair on a black or white seamless I decided to use the worn down wooden studio floor. All those cracks, scuffs and dents work really well with the wood and leather of the chair. And yes…it is extremely comfy.

Sillón clásico EAMES LOUNGE CHAIR de Herman Miller, ICF

Esta pieza de mobiliaro de lujo fue inspirada en la tradicional Club Chair inglesa. Con el diseño de este sillón en 1956, Charles y Ray Eames establecieron un nuevo estándar: un sillón más ligero, elegante, moderno y cómodo. Gracias a estas cualidades, Lounge Chair se convirtió en uno de los diseños más famosos de Charles y Ray Eames, y es ya un clásico de la historia del mobiliario moderno. La pieza es hoy considerada icónica del estilo Moderno.

Con sede en Milán, ICF fueron uno de los cuatro fabricantes originales que fueron concedidos una licencia por Herman Miller inc. para reproducir sillas de Charles Eames.

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